Do you feel like you are being asked to deliver IT services more quickly and at a lower cost? 

That's what we're hearing from many of our customers—that IT is being challenged to more rapidly respond to business requirements. Many think that using infrastructure service providers is the only way they can respond at the speed their business needs. We don't believe that you have to move services off premise to get the necessary capabilities and efficiencies.  

IT Partners can help you create an agile, hybrid IT service delivery model that incorporates the security and reliability of on premise infrastructure. We can enable you to become the IT service broker to your organization.


Reasoned and documented organizational standards for infrastructure, toolsets and IT processes will maximize supportability and simplify scaling.

Contract Management

Manage every support contract with one application

IT Partners Lifecycle Managed Services is a contract management tool designed to help you reduce the level of complexity involved in managing your IT assets and their support contracts. You can quickly access information regarding your entire IT infrastructure, including contract details such as:
Coverage level
Expiration dates
Support costs


Virtualization technologies deliver flexibility throughout the IT service delivery model:  in the data center, on the desktop, for application delivery.

Data Protection

Protecting vital organizational data is more than reliable backup, recovery and archiving processes – it’s architecting for disaster avoidance and supporting business continuity.


Delivering IT services most efficiently requires minimizing duplication in platforms, applications and infrastructure, as well as minimizing operational silos that discourage cross-functional teams.


Services are delivered from common pools of infrastructure resources instead of complex, wasteful application-specific infrastructure silos.


Common administrative tasks are executed programmatically, resulting in more predictable, repeatable infrastructure.


Building on the concepts of automation, orchestration combines and extends those processes to deliver complete IT services through consistent, auditable workflows.


Infrastructure that is abstracted, automated and orchestrated can be architected into modular, reusable technology building blocks that will further accelerate the delivery of new IT services.

Service Rationalization

A thorough understanding of the services IT is currently delivering, and how those services could best be delivered, is the foundation for developing scalable IT architecture strategy.

Hybrid Architecture

IT organizations can incorporate on premise private clouds, public infrastructure and platform clouds and software-as-a-service offerings to seamlessly deliver IT services to customers.

Service Presentation

Enabling consumers to consistently and transparently access the IT services that are relevant to them creates the optimal customer experience.

IT-Business Alignment

IT organizations that are consistently delivering business value and innovation are closely aligned and tightly integrated with the goals and initiatives of the organizations they support.


A comprehensive, service contract and asset management program that can save your organization time and money.