What is CloudSmart?

It's the successor to CloudFirst and the next generation of cloud thinking! Like most organizations, you are on the journey to cloud adoption…and you probably have questions about all the options that are available to you.

  • Which workloads can be placed in a public cloud versus a private one?
  • How long will it take to integrate and migrate?
  • Are you paying more than what you are using?

The question a CIO ultimately does have to answer is: How do I leverage Cloud Smart to realize business benefits? The answer to that question is likely to be organizationally specific, but should encompass the People, Process, and Technology continuum to unlock innovation, spur culture change and accelerate time to value.

Most organizations are realizing that a wholesale cloud migration could take years, cloud paralyze the business through inaction while some of the questions above are addressed, and the answer might not be accurate as cloud technologies and service offerings are ever-changing. In many cases the questions are aimed at a target which assumes migrating the entire organization's IT services catalog to native cloud…which simply isn't what we're seeing in practice.

Check out our brief video and decide for yourself!  

CloudSmart video thumb image


Your cloud journey can be simplified.

  1. Decide where are you in your cloud journey
  2. Design a plan with us that meets the requirements of your applications and users
  3. Now your workloads and data are ready to be migrated to your ideal cloud platform

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